También nos gustaría hacerte fotos. ¿Te apetece intercambiar algo de tu tiempo por fotos? ¿Quieres fotos para empezar un book, para regalar a alguien, de tu familia, de tu recien nacido o de tu embarazo...? cualquier idea estaremos encantados de escucharla.

¿Quieres promocionar tu casa rural, apartamento o vender tu piso? También podemos ayudarte con las fotos.

Y esas fotos viejas ¿te gustaría recuperarlas?

Cualquier idea... cuéntanosla

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Sesiones de intercambio

Exchange sessions (TfCD)

You pose, we shoot

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Sesiones con niños
Fotos restauradas

Restored pictures

Restored memories

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¡Di pa-ta-ta!

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Senses and sensations

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Paying attention to the small things arround us

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Changing reality

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Look arround the world

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Picture exchange

Normally they are known as TCFD (Time For CD) or TFP (Time For Prints) and are photo sessions in which the model poses for the photographer by exchange receiving from the latter part of the pictures taken during the session. It is a way to gain experience and complete the portfolios of models as well as of photographers.

In a session of exchange it is understood, that neither models pay the photographers for taking pictures nor photographers pay models for posing. Generally both parts make an agreement for sharing the costs acumulated during the session, like make-up or the renting of a studio. This agreement has to be clear and previous to the session.

In our case, normally we will be two photographers (man & woman) participating in the sessions. By this way, in only one session we will have two points of view and completely different techniques.

If you want to have pictures with exclusive rights for you, we can also offer you remunerated sessions.